Affinia Chicago Hotel
Chicago, IL

Client: Denihan Hospitality Group
Design: MJBApc, DiLeonardo International
Date: Aug. 2008
Size: 163,920 sq.ft.
Cost: Withheld

An existing 28 story hotel in Chicago was purchased by our client and needed a full improvement in order to bring the property in line with their flag.

We performed the transition from a traditional style to a modern urban eclectic, renovating all of the guestrooms, and increasing the room count by splitting a large unit into smaller ones. Improvements throughout the property included the addition of a rooftop bar and outdoor terrace, new meeting spaces, and a lobby restaurant for a world renowned chef. Future façade replacements are designed and have been implemented at the entry plinth in the first phase of work.

Another complicated project involving numerous permits and approvals, MJBAPC ran the expediting team and handled meetings with Chicago officials.










photographs courtesy of Denihan Hospitality Group