Parkchester Condominiums - BIS System
Parkchester, Bronx, NY

Client Parkchester North and South Condominiums
Design MJBApc
Date December 2005
Size 12,271 Apartments
Cost Withheld

Following 6 years of various renovation projects for this large housing development in the Bronx, we suggested a Building Information System in order to electronically capture the critical project data for the client in one central database.

After researching some of the current systems on the market, we elected to keep things simple so that the client could access the system universally, from any machine without any special software requirements. Using Adobe Acrobat, we composed a simple indexing system into which we stored scans of all the the project’s important shop drawings, design documents, submittals, and Department of Buildings approvals.

The files we shared in such a way that the user can make notations on the various files as they go, in order to keep track of any changes that came about. After holding several classroom sessions for the project’s executives, and maintainance staff, we understand that it has become a working part of their day to day activities.