Parkchester North Condominium - Site Lighting
Parkchester, Bronx, NY

Client Parkchester North Condominium
Design MJBApc
Date December 2007
Size 30 acres
Cost Withheld

The condominium retained MJBApc to design a site lighting solution for them that would improve light quality, safety, and adhere to NYSERDA standards for exterior lighting for all of the driveways, walkways, garden terraces and building entrances throughout the property.

Metal Halide pole fixtures were placed around the site, using existing footings as frequently as possible, new wiring was required as the old was deteriorated. Entrance fixtures were selected with flourescant lamping. All fixtures were grouped on photocells for maximum energy efficiency and with the highest regard for safety.

There were existing ornamental fixtures mounted on building walls throughout the property which were fabricated out of copper and in a neo-artdeco style. Originally we intended to refurbish them and install energy effecient ballasts, this was deemed uneconomical, we therefore re-interpreted the design and had them custom fabricated and powdercoated in a color to match the patina of aged copper.