Parkchester Condominiums - Renovation
Parkchester, Bronx, NY

Client Parkchester North & South Condominiums
Design MJBApc
Date 1998-2005
Size 12,271 Apartments
Cost Withheld


Parkchester was developed between 1938 and 1942 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. It would house 12,271 families in 171 buildings within a self contained community with shopping, transportation, and recreation all onsite.

Nearly 65 years later the core utilities within the buildings found themselves decayed and not able to function properly with 21st century demands.

Primarily the electrical systems were undersized for modern day air conditioning and electrical loads. And the domestic plumbing system piping was old and in need of replacement.

Project Management;

As the Architect on the project we were responsible for coordinating all of the engineering trades through a fast tracked design process. We surveyed every basement and floor plan of the entire property in order to generate working backround files for the engineers. We then coordinated the systems redesign, and developed typical details for the various kitchen and bathroom renovations required. Once the project went out to bid we worked closely with the Project Management group to detail schedule phasing and to analyze the bids, contract review and award.


Standard cuts were made only where required in the walls and tile of apartments, with every tile removed accounted for. Renovation included all necessary firestopping, custom matched tiles, and other finishes new finishes throughout the affected rooms.

Plumbing Coordination;

All domestic water piping and risers, from service entry to end use was replaced, including the faucet sets and shower controls. This included all pipe hangers, firestopping, booster pump sets and RPZ’s throughout the buildings.

Electrical Coordination;

Due to the higher electrical load requirements new services were brought into the buidlings from the street, individual tenant meter banks were placed, and all new branch wiring and risers installed. At each apartment a new panel with circuit breakers was installed and new circuits run for air conditioning units. New light fixtures with energy efficient lamping installed.


An aggressive turnaround of apartment turnovers on 5 day work cycles was adhered to throughout the project with workforces staggered to maximize efforts. Our suppemented regular work weeks at peak times with shifts in order to maintain the fast pace.

Construction Administration;

Full time site inspectors were on the job to watch every phase of work in every apartment, checklists were maintained in order to accurately review monthly payment requisitions. We paid a key role in weekly coordination meetings where submittal review status and overall project status was reported by our office to ownership and to the bank representatives.